The enigmatic Fog Holler first arose in the foothills of Echo Mountain, the product of an intense love of bluegrass and traditional American music shared by banjoist Casey Holmberg, guitarist Tommy Schulz, and bass fiddler Noa Laniakea. After years roaming those southern hills, honing their craft and spreading the high lonesome sound, they vanished. With the belief their music could be pushed further and harder, they retreated to the misty oaken hollows of Northern California. After months of silence, rumors of a spectral band that channel the spirits of bluegrass past and future have begun to spread ‘round all corners of the deep Frisco Bay. The Fog is rolling in...

Casey J Holmberg

Banjoist and singer, Casey James Holmberg was born and raised in Petaluma, CA where gold rolling hills and chickens were dear neighbors. Studying with Banjo virtuoso Tim Weed in Point Reyes, Casey saw the banjo used as a complete instrument, not restricted by genre or style. He furthered his studies in music at UCLA becoming an excellent bluegrass banjoist while branching into classical and jazz music.  Holmberg writes music influenced by his past and present with an emphasis on creating strong distinct feeling and narrative. He currently resides in El Sobrante, CA where he teaches, writes, and practices the days away.


Noa Laniakea

Bassist and composer Noa Laniakea grew up in Buffalo, New York. After graduating from SUNY University at Buffalo with a bachelor’s in music performance, they furthered their studies at University of California, Los Angeles where they studied with Chris Hanulik and received their master’s degree, also in music performance. A self-taught composer, Noa seeks to write music that is both immediately accessible to the listener while synthesizing diverse sounds and styles in an organic way. They currently reside in Cupertino, CA, with their husband, where they continue to write and perform original works for solo bass as well as bass and small ensemble, further exploring the artistic potential of their chosen instrument.


Tommy Schulz

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Tommy Schulz was born and raised in the lush mountain forests of Makiki in Honolulu, Hawaii. Constantly surrounded by cascading Hawaiian slack key guitar on the radio and lonesome country and bluegrass from his father's stereo, Tommy took to playing folk music on the acoustic guitar at a young age. He studied operatic singing technique for five years and continued to hone his guitar playing and songwriting before moving to Los Angeles to study performance at UCLA. Tommy scored theater and film and studied various musical and theatrical styles including traditional west African drumming (djembe), traditional Japanese theater and music (Noh, Kyoogen and Shakuhachi) and old time/Americana during his years in the chaparral of southern California. Tommy works to incorporate new rhythmic formats, contemporary lyrical writing and acoustical-theatrical elements to rock, metal, folk, electronic, bluegrass and any traditional musical style that catches his interest. He considers himself a citizen of the world, striving to use his abilities to connect people together and communicate consciousness, stewardship and reason to the natural communities that reared him. Tommy lives, teaches, composes and practices in El Sobrante, CA.